Porsche Maintenance & Repair

Keep Your Sports Car Running at Peak Performance

Porsche is a major contender in the sports car arena. Starting with the 356 and moving forward from there, Porsche has developed the most iconic and longest continuously produced sports cars in the world. A fast car needs routine maintenance and periodic repair, our skilled technicians will keep your machine running strong and handling smoothly on the roads. We services all Porches including Cayennes, Macans, Panameras, Boxsters, and 911s. 

IMS Bearing Replacement

The IMS (intermediate shaft) bearing is a geared shaft that runs through and extends out from the front and rear of the engine. The function of the intermediate shaft is to use the mechanical rotation of the engine’s crankshaft to indirectly drive the camshafts on either side of the engine. This bearing may be small but is very important to the performance of a Porsche engine. Get ahead of the problem and schedule an appointment with The Factory if you suspect IMS bearing failure.
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Routine Porsche Services 

Keep your vehicle running smoothly by keeping up with routine services, these services are designed to keep important  parts, functions and fluids at peak level. Benefits to scheduling routine interim services include, maintaining the resale value of your vehicle and helps you avoid poorly timed failures and expensive repairs.
Check and replace engine oil and filter
Check and replace the cabin air filter
Visual inspection of the vehicle underside for leaks, rusting, and damage
Check drive shafts and drive belts
Check brake system
Check headlights
Battery and vent hoses
Windscreen wiper/washer system
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